This is my first post. Testing the waters.


  • Picture taken on my iPhone 4S
  • App used: Picstitch

On the 21st of October I went and saw Phantogram, one of my favorite bands. I’ve literally been hooked since the first time I heard “When I’m Small” three years ago, and I’ve developed a serious case of stage 9 clinginess ever since. Not to mention, they’ve blown up. I was giddy when I saw that the show was sold out at the Observatory that night. It was my first time seeing them, and I was absolutely blown away. Phantogram was sensational. Not only was Sarah beautiful, but her voice was so powerful I’m pretty sure every girl in the room developed a lesbian crush on her immediately. That, or every girl wished they were her. Josh was cute as a button and talented as ever. They performed all of their hits, at least one song from every album, and all four of their new songs.  I couldn’t have been happier. If you don’t know Phantogram, please do yourself a favor and go search them on Spotify right now. If you don’t have Spotify…  well that’s a whole ‘nother problem on its own.



P.S. So let me do the honors of introducing to you, what was introduced to me, 3 years ago:

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