How-to: Legs (Set 1)

How To Take Film Photographs of Legs and Make Them Look Stunning

full set 3

These are the three sets of legs on my wall. I’m taking pictures of my photos with an iPhone 4S, so please bear with me with these poor image qualities. I’m in the process of purchasing a scanner, so stay tuned – better quality pictures are comin’ your way.

set 1

Okay, let’s get started. This is the first set I’m going to talk about. Here’s what you’ll need:

Position #1.

position 1

  1. Have your model put on booty shorts and fishnet stockings.
  2. Position your model so she is laying on her back. Make sure that your backdrop is large and long enough so that she is also actually laying on the backdrop.  Everything that could possibly be in your shot – besides your model – needs to be nothing but the backdrop.
  3. Have your model raise her legs, and begin directing her leg positioning.
  4. For this shot, I have chosen to cut off her feet, accentuating the rip in the left stocking. I chose to keep her hands in the shot because I wanted to give it a promiscuous vibe. As if she has just put on those alluring fishnets.

Position #2.

position 2

  1. For the next shot, have your model lower her hands, so that the focus is now completely on her legs.
  2. I chose to position her feet and legs in a manner that shows the rips and holes of her stockings. Keep in mind that these imperfections can be very loud – in a good way – in such a simple shot.

Position #3.

position 3

  1. Play around with the positioning of your model’s legs and hands, to give it the effect you’d like to achieve.
  2. Here I chose a sensual pose, with one foot grazing the back of her calf, and one hand on her thigh. I asked her to crease the top of the fishnet stocking to give it a very ambiguous vibe – like she may be taking that one off. But we can’t be sure. It gives the viewer a chance to roam her/his imagination and delve deeper into the photograph.

Position #4.

position 4

  1. Last, I decided to take out the hand in this one, and focus again on her long legs.
  2. What I really also wanted to show here is the beautiful arch of her foot, so I stayed away from showing too much of the imperfections in her stockings. This way, it does not distract from that archtastic arch she’s got going on.

My camera settings were:

  • Aperature: f16
  • Shutter speed: anything between 300-500 will work depending on your shot

All these poses are just a guideline and an example of how you could position your model’s legs. Of course, you don’t have to follow these poses exactly. Make sure to play around with leg & hand positions to achieve the desired feel and mood of the overall shot.  Good luck! And thanks for listening.

Stay tuned for set 2 and 3, coming soon.



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Tiffany C. is an avid amateur lomographist on a learning journey. Follow & join her adventures here, and tell her about yours! Send your lomography (or any, for that matter) shots to


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